January to March 2016

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The first quarter of 2016 has provided quite a few photography opportunities.

First off there was a weekend of snow in the middle of January and it was good to get some wintery scenes as below. Without getting too technical it is quite difficult to get the exposure correct and to ensure that the snow is the correct colour. Therefore I’m quite pleased with the results shown here IMG_3232

February was a very busy month as I was asked to photograph Helen’s School of Dance prior to their big show weekends in March.

A full day of photography was followed up with three weeks of processing, and as always, the day itself needed a team effort to get the results. The photograph you see here is just one of hundreds taken IMG_3938

Middle of March, and early spring provided an opportunity to do some landscape photography. Relying on natural light can make landscape photography tricky, however this particular morning the light enabled me to get this particular shot. Its shots like these that make a walk of 5+ miles worth it IMG_4750

March also saw me in The Studio with Helen Gibson.

One of the objectives here was to get a 1940’s Hollywood style shot, and I was particularly pleased when Helen and I produced the particular shot as seen on the header to this blog. Again, proof that teamwork is needed to get a good photograph.

To see more photos of my session with Helen please go to http://thjphotography.co.uk/portfolio/helen-gibson-march-2016/

As well as taking photographs I have also been booked to do a family shoot that was bought as a Mother’s Day present, and been booked to do a wedding in 2018…… yes you read that right….2018. I was particularly happy with this as the booking came about after I was recommended to the future Bride and Groom by someone who has seen my work.

So as you can see, the first quarter of the year has been busy, and it has provided a variety of different photograph opportunities. With the lighter nights here, the second quarter promises to be just as busy as I have the family shoot to do, another session booked in the Studio and hopefully more opportunities to do some landscape photography.

If you know of anyone requiring the services of a photographer please feel free to share my contact details accordingly



Model Photography 2015

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2015 saw numerous opportunities to photograph models, both within and outside of the confines of a studio.

July 2015

This event was hosted in Liverpool by Welshot Imaging (www.welshotimaging.co.uk) with the plan being to shoot both outdoors and indoors.

However the weather, as so often is the case in the UK, had a hand in how the day turned out. With torrential rain starting to fall from the start of the day the majority of the photographs were shot indoors. Where there was shelter, there were some opportunities explored and taken for outdoor photography.

As you can see from visiting  http://www.thjphotography.jamesfarley.co.uk/portfolio/fashion-through-the-ages-july-2015/ there was a mixture of fashions on show, with a team of five models showing them off.

This day was a real team effort and thanks must go to the following people

Jen Baker (Model)

Tim Charlesworth (Team Leader)

Chester Costume House (Costumes)

Hazel Clarke (Model)

Bethany MJ D’Avincourt (Model)

Jason Edwards (Team Leader)

Tracy Edwards (Team Leader)

Lisa Marie Gee (Hair)

Lee Iggulden (Event Organiser & Director at Welshot)

Persis Peters (Stylist)

Holly Teague (Model)

Sadie Thackaberry (Model & Stylist)

Eifion Williams (MD at Welshot)

September 2015

The Steampunk event was hosted at The Gem (a derelict building) run by TipTop Photographic in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, hosted by Damian McGillicuddy (http://www.damianmcgillicuddy.com).

Here Damian talked and showed a number of different techniques, and as you can see from the pictures at http://www.thjphotography.jamesfarley.co.uk/portfolio/steampunk-event-september-2015/ there is a variety of lighting techniques used, including one with just natural light.

Every time I go on one of these events I come away having learnt something new, and just as importantly had a fun day doing it.

Again, there is a team effort to get these images and thanks go to

Damian McGillicuddy

James Artaius (Model)

Alex Shanks (Model)

Portia Viktoria Volkova (Model)

…..as well as all the team at Damian McGillicuddy Photography Training

October 2015

I’m fortunate to know a few local photographers one of which is Jann. Through Jann I got to know about evenings organised by her daughter (Katy Leanne Tierney), who runs her own studio in Cannock.

My first event here was with Stacy Roxx Green. As well as being a Midlands based model, Stacy is a tribute singer on the local circuit, so you may’ve seen her live.

It’s here I was able to try and put into practice some of the techniques gained from days such as those hosted by Damian McGillicuddy.

As you will see from the photos at http://www.thjphotography.jamesfarley.co.uk/portfolio/stacy-roxx-green-october-2015/ there are a number of different lights used on the different shots, creating different moods.

I was absolutely delighted to get the number of images I did, and I have received many positive comments on this set.

November 2015

After the success of October’s evening, it was back into Katy’s studio to shoot Liverpool based model, Jenny O’Sullivan.

Again, there are a number of different lighting set ups used for to get different results. With her long auburn hair and blue eyes you can see these results of these shots at http://www.thjphotography.jamesfarley.co.uk/portfolio/jenny-osullivan-november-2015/

As well as the different lighting techniques we tried to use a variety of poses to get a different ‘story’ for each photo. As per the October shoot, I was delighted with the results of this particular shoot.

One of my targets for 2016 is to do a full scale shoot and getting even more creative to get some unique shots.

In the meantime if would like your own portrait taken (it could be an unique gift for someone) in the comfort of your own home, please contact me for details. If you know of anyone else that may be interested in having their portrait taken please share my facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/thjphotography66. As I have my own ‘pop up’ studio which includes backdrops, soft boxes, beauty dis and umbrellas there’s no studio to visit, it all takes place in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home.


Summer Wedding

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When I first met Ali and Mick in December last year to discuss their wedding, their wish was for an informal, relaxed, dry and sunny day.

On the 9th of July I turned up at Dunsley Hall, Kinver for the wedding of Ali and Mick. It is a beautiful location and I was keen to ensure that the photographs captured the beauty of this location as a backdrop for Ali and Mick, in addition to the usual wedding photographs.

It was a full day of photography, capturing the pre service preparation, the service itself, the speeches as well as the post service socialising.

As you can see from the photographs, the pre wedding was a relaxed affair and I was able to capture Ali’s silhouette in the window that was allowing the strong summer sunlight to come through.

With the groom, Best Man and Usher photos taken it was onto the ‘main event’ and the wedding of Ali and Mick.

In a wood panelled room, Ali was played in by Mick’s son Josh playing his acoustic guitar and so began the emotional roller coaster. After the service some formal group shots were taken on the steps and then onto a specific request given to me by Ali. The ‘Heart Shaped’ group shot. This particular shot took quite a bit of planning, and then encouraging the guests to get into position. However the end shot (as you can see in http://www.thjphotography.jamesfarley.co.uk/portfolio/ali-and-micks-wedding-july-2015/) was exactly how Ali and Mick wanted. It’s very important for me to capture photographs that people especially request, and I was pleased to be able capture this one.

It was then onto the formal group and couple shots in the magnificent surroundings of the hall, with the speech shots being taken after ‘Afternoon Tea’. As well as the usual speeches, special mention was made of absent relatives, who were represented in the room by having their photographs attached to the bottom of balloons. It was very poignant indeed, when Ali was surprised with a special little ceremony organised for her by her family to release these balloons into the early evening summer sky. I don’t think there was dry eye in the house at this point.

Onto the evening and it was time to do the first dance, and then some shots of the couple with the hall providing the backdrop as dusk fell.

As you can see from the photographs the day was informal, relaxed, dry and sunny…..exactly how Ali and Mick wished for back in December.


Late Spring Wedding

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IMG_9478-2The month of May saw me photographing the late spring wedding of Sally and Luke. After photographing ‘camera shy’ Luke at his ‘Surprise 30th Party’ organised by Sally in January, he was a relaxed groom as he arrived at the church with his Father as Best Man and the Ushers.

Prior to this I had spent the morning photographing Sally, her bridesmaids and flower girls as they got ready for the big day. It was a very relaxed, calm environment to photograph them, the dresses and the details throughout the morning

There was a lot detail that went into the day and you can see from the photographs on http://www.thjphotography.jamesfarley.co.uk/portfolio/sally-and-lukes-wedding-may-2015/ that this started with wild flowers in jars lining the path up to the church and these were carried on into the church itself, as well as at the reception at the Moat House.

One of the great things about this wedding, as with all weddings, was the preparation that went into it, and this also extended to the style of photographs that Sally required. Personally it was a challenge that I relished and it was a great source of satisfaction when Sally and Luke gave me their positive feedback.

The detail continued at the reception, and it complimented a relaxed day full of laughter and love shared with Sally and Luke by their families and friends.

Both St Mark’s Church in Great Wyrley and The Moat House at Acton Trussell provided stunning settings for the photographs and I was honoured to be asked to photograph this day.